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For the past few months, Miley Cyrus has teamed up with My Friend’s Place—a resource center for homeless youth in L.A.—to raise awareness about youth homelessness and money to help end it. Her involvement was highlighted at the 2014 VMAs, when she had Jesse—the date she met through My Friend’s Place—accept her Moonman for Video of the Year.

But her affiliation didn’t end after the VMAs. She’s currently holding a contest to benefit the shelter and prizes include a hoodie, a voicemail from Miley, and, oh, a CUSTOM TATTOO.

It’s true. If you donate $10,000, you “will receive a tattoo custom designed by Miley.” You will also be sent a T-shirt and temporary tattoos, but, um, who cares about those things when you could be permanently marked with a drawing designed by Miley Cyrus? Temporary tattoos don’t last—Miley’s custom handiwork does. While Miley has tattooed someone before, this time she’ll be leaving it to the professionals and sending you a custom design. Miley will not touch an ink gun to your skin–you can relax. Whether you actually take the design to get inked onto your body is totally up to you.

If you’re not in the market to rep your donor status forever, but still want to donate $10K, you have another option: a signed piece of Miley’s original My Friend’s Place artwork. But, I mean, for $10K you may as well get some artwork on your body, amiright? JK, it’s your skin not mine.


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AUSSIE duo The Faders DJs have scored the support slot for Miley Cyrus’s tour of Australia and New Zealand.

Confidential can exclusively reveal Milly Gattegno and Suhana Lye will support the eccentric singer when she brings her Bangerz Tour down under.

“She is amazing and, like, even just to see her production and everything, we are so excited to be on tour with her and we love her,” Lye said.

“Miley is such a massive superstar at the moment, so we are pumped.”

Gattegno said that Cyrus was “really inspiring for us”.

They will support the star in Auckland, New Zealand, before appearing on the bill at her Melbourne and Sydney concerts alongside Lolawolf, a band featuring Zoe Kravitz (daughter of Lenny).

This isn’t the first time they have opened for a big name.

The girls also opened for Brit popstar Rita Ora.

They are preparing to launch their second album, F.U.N.2 on Friday, following on from their debut album, released in 2012.

The Faders will be celebrating the launch in Darlinghurst on Thursday night.

Gattegno gave fans a hint of what they could expect from the upcoming album.

“I think our music taste has evolved a lot over the last couple of years,’’ she said.

“It’s a mix of R’n’B, hip-hop, old school party jams. So the kind of stuff you put on when getting ready and trying to get in the mood to go out.’’

They are also about to embark on their own F.U.N.2 tour, kicking off next month playing gigs.

One pit-stop includes New Zealand — fresh off the Cyrus show.

Other locations for their own tour include Melbourne and Brisbane, to name a few.

And Gattegno’s had a final word on those persistent rumours that she’s dating comedian Chris Lilley.

“We’re just very good friends,” she said.

They last caught up at Kanye West’s Sydney concert but his ‘’good friend’’ Gattegno says they won’t be giving Lilley a preview of the album.

“He, along with everyone else, will be hearing it for the first time when it comes out,” Gattegno said.


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Miley Cyrus is under fire for getting slapped with the Mexican flag on her backside during a concert on Tuesday — an act that could potentially land her in jail.

During one point in the singer’s Monterrey show, which fell on Mexico’s Independence Day, she donned a fake prosthetic butt and had dancers whip her behind with the flag.

Cyrus is now being investigated by government officials, as the country has laws protecting “national emblems, the flag and the national anthem.”

At least one local politician, Francisco Trevino Cabello of the conservative National Action Party, has already come out accusing the pop star of “desecration.”

The Nuevo Leon state congress, of which Cabello is a member, unanimously voted to request sanctions from the Interior Ministry.

Punishment for acts deemed disrespectful of the flag include fines and up to 36 hours in jail.

Though there are conflicting reports as to whether Cyrus or the concert promoter would ultimately be held responsible, a case against her would not be without precedent.

In 2007, singer Paulina Rubio, who is from Mexico, was reportedly fined $4,000 for appearing in a magazine with the flag draped around her naked body.

Similarly, Argentinians were outraged last year when Justin Bieber appeared to kick the country’s flag off the stage during a concert, though the issue died down after he made an apology.

As for Cyrus, this latest controversy comes nearly one month after she was forced to cancel a Bangerz concert in the Dominican Republic when the government banned her from performing there as scheduled on moral grounds.

The star, who was to perform again in Monterrey on Wednesday and has two other concerts lined up in Mexico this weekend, also returned to spitting water on fans during the eyebrow-raising performance.

Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for the star for comment.


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